[Archive] Instability problem

Message by Fang Yang:
Version 3.7RC09
Platform E6300 4G ramOS: Win XPwhen I make a more complicated model which over 600K elements,
the program seems like more instable. Sometimes it may terminated
without any warning. And if I repeat the same mission it could run
with no error reported.
I dont know why this happened and if something wrong with the program.

Message by Jean-Francois Roussel:
The only case of brutal termination of the whole code thath I know of, is due to lack of memory
=> increase you JVM virtual memory (-Xmx parameter on its launch script in jython, under Windows you can e.g. change it into -Xmx1300m in \ThirdPart\Jython\jythonx.x\jython.bat), but Benoit or Julien know better than me on that

Message by Fang Yang:
i c
but how can i use more than 1300m memory under winxp?
or I have to work in win64 or linux?