[Archive] GEO average environment

Message by giovanni galgani:
I first performed a simulation applyng NASATP231 w.c. scenario (i.e. bi-maxwellian with:
ne1=0.9cm-3 kTe1=900eV ne2=1.65cm-3 KTe2=25500 eV for electrons
ni1=1.0cm-3 kTi1=350eV ni2=1.65cm-3 kTi2=25000eV for ions
The time step converge quite rapidly and the surfaces potentials reach stable values within 500 sec
Then I considered a less severe scenario, basing on average plasma parameter:
ne1=0.75cm-3 kTe1=460eV ne2=0.27cm-3 KTe2=9670 eV for electrons
ni1=0.93cm-3 kTi1=270eV ni2=0.33cm-3 kTi2=25000eV for ions
in this case the simulation is very slow and after 250 sec the time step is still oscillating.
Can you please suggets me a fitting of simulation parameters to speed up the simulation?
Thanks in advance

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
Time step oscillation is linked to the circuit solver. Increasing a bit Csat may help reducing the oscillations and increase the time steps. Also, you may alternatively increase/decrease the value of validtyRenormalisation