[Archive] General instructions

Message by Richard Marchand:
I am trying to come back to spis after many months not using it. I downloaded version SPIS_4_0_00_LINUX_X32 and installed it. I was able to define a geometry and, I think, generate a mesh (I didn’t visualize it but the mesh generator ran without a problem) . I get a “exception raised in task” when I try to convert the geometry groups into mesh groups. I should say that, doing essentially the same thing, I was once able to go a little further, open the Global Parameters editor and close it (accepting all default values). I then got an exception with the next step (convert from UI to NUM). I’m sure I’m missing something really simple, but I can’t figure out what.
If someone can point me to a simple step-by-step tutorial that would help enormously.
Many thanks in advance.