[Archive] command line option for Finalizing Run

Message by EW:
Is there a command line option for “Finalize run configuration and save project”? I’m running on a remote computer. Currently, I have to pull up the GUI to hit that button and wait for it to process to the Run Sim page. After that I can close the GUI and run the simulation with the -p option. But, running the GUI on the remote computer is very slow, so I’d like to be able to finalize the project using the command line.

Message by EW:
It looks like I have found out how to do this. There is a spisTrack.py script in the resources/defaults/tracks folder. I modified this script to include the path for my file and saved it as mySpisTrack.py and put this file in my main Spis folder. Then, I ran this with the command as specified in the user manual ./Spis.sh -b ./mySpisTrack.py. This appears to both finalize the run configuration, save the project, and start the simulation.

Message by ruard:
You have several possibilities to launch a spis 5 project on a remote computer.
First, you set all the preprocessing steps with the graphical user interface and when you are in the “simulation running and live monitoring” you save your project and you close the spis user interface. Then, you copy the spis5 directory on your remote computer and you use the following spis mode:
./Spis.sh -p /path/to/your/spisProject.spis5
Secondly, you can build all your simulation with python scripts, even the preprocessing steps, in offscreen. Lots of file samples are defined in the following directory:
You will see some of these sample can be used to perform some parametric studies.
benjamin jeanty ruard

Message by EW:
Can you tell me which commands I need to add to my script in order to include the “Finalize run configuration and save project” step. I started with the spisTrack.py file. What should I add to it? I’ve looked at the other scripts and can’t figure it out. It looks like perhaps I need to add some of the “# load …” commands, for example:

  1. Load electrical circuit
electricalCircuitFile=File("path/circuit.txt") EventBuilder.event("org.spis.ui.electrical.circuit.load.file",electricalCircuitFile).triggerCallEvent() print"electrical circuit is loaded"

but I’m not sure which ones I need to add.