[Archive] change the source current temperature and Mach number

Message by Ning Ding:
in UI
I loaded the default properties and then changed the plasma properties
(properties->Edit properties->plasma editor->220)
then click add button to add source current Temp Mach
modify the values of current Temp and Mach (I do not want to use the default values)
But there is error during the field map.
If I do not add 3 items, no any problem but I need to use my own settings.
How can I fix this?

Message by Jean-Francois Roussel:
Why do you want to add a new parameter?
You should rather click on Modify (the existing Mach parameter)…

Message by Ning Ding:

there is no existing Mach number parameter to modify.
could you please tell me how to do this. thanks